About CCR

Child & Community Resources/Ressources pour l'Enfance et la Communauté (CCR/REC) is a charitable organization that provides services and community supports to parents, children and professionals to enhance and support the inclusion, integration, and wellbeing of children across the north region of Ontario.

CCR and its partners offer a continuum of services ranging from universal community services accessible to all children, to services for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and/or developmental needs.

CCR supports a child and family-centered approach to care. Services on our continuum of care are sensitive to life stage, diagnostic severity, level of functioning, geographic accessibility, and cultural and language diversity.

We work in collaboration with families, referral sources, educators, health care providers, and local community and service providers to make sure our clients receive the services they need within their own community.

CCR services are based on expertise in fields of early child development, psychology and behaviour analysis.

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