Reflecting on the Past 20 Years – Our Beginnings, Challenges, and Accomplishments

CCR is…

  • an advocate for families and children with special needs,
  • a committed provider of high quality services,
  • a proponent of Board training and development,
  • and a progressive employer.

CCR’s commitment to quality service is clear, with a history of strong Boards of Directors, clear policies, quality assurance planning and ongoing assessment of performance. Despite all of the changes (and challenges) that CCR has experienced, the agency has always maintained its core values.


  • Child Care Resources is rebranded as Child & Community Resources.
  • A new visual identity for the organization is created
  • Visual standards are created and implemented throughout the organization
  • 20th anniversary celebrations in addition to the AGM

2008 – 2011

  • Maxine King becomes Board Chair
  • CCR is officially recognized as a charitable organization
  • CCR identifies Autism Intervention Program (AIP) service pressures to MCYS
  • MCYS completes a program review of CCR regarding the pressures; funding is augmented but not enough to retain current service levels
  • CCR assumes responsibility of the only Children’s DS/ PDD group home from Christian Horizon’s in Sudbury
  • OEYC North approached CCR with a plan to amalgamate in Lively
  • OHR direct services are enhanced; direct funding program goes over to CCN
  • CCR becomes the regional service provider for ABA Program part of the proposal included a “continuum of services model”  which was then utilized across the agency
  • Both the vision and mission were revisited and modified to better reflect CCR’s true vision
  • CCR restructures its leadership.
  • An office is opened in Thunder Bay to support North West operations.
  • Lisa Grimard is appointed Director North West
  • Dr. Terri Barriault is appointed Clinical Director
  • Sherry Fournier is appointed Associate Executive Director
  • Lynne Philion becomes certified as a Canadian Human Resources Professional


  • Eve Kremyr becomes Board Chair
  • CCR takes on clinical services for autism, which are divested from Developmental Clinical Services, Northeast Mental Health Centre.
  • CCR integrates its autism services internally
  • CCR increases Special Needs Resource (SNR) capacity to enhance services to Francophone centres
  • Another Quality Assurance client consultation shows that CCR clients remain highly satisfied


  • Sherry Fournier takes a one-year leave of absence to work as a Program Supervisor for MCYS
  • CCR Board hosts a Hospital for Sick Children funded conference for parents
  • A new organizational structure is adopted and Lynne Philion is chosen as Director of Administrative Services


  • CCR moves to 662 Falconbridge Rd.
  • The Best Start plan is initiated.
  • The Best Start plan identifies Ontario Early Years Centres as hubs, meaning CCR will have to open and operate hub sites in neighbourhood schools
  • CCR’s Quality Assurance report shows that more than 80% of parents are very satisfied with CCR programs, services and staff


  • CCR selected as the lead agency for the Northern Region for the Autism School Support Program
  • Regional Autism Program has expanded with a budget of over $2 million
  • CCR is affected by Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ (MCYS) implementation of Best Start Initiative


  • CCR pulls out of the Children’s Cooperative; The Co-op is dissolved and replaced by a new not-for-profit agency for central access to children’s services – The Children’s Community Network
  • CCR develops a residential program to fill a gap for children with ASD with complex needs


  • Pauline Dietrich becomes Board Chair
  • CCR, with Early Years challenge funding, opens a paediatric assessment. Five paediatricians commit to provide one day per month at a clinic at 319 Lasalle Blvd. (Sudbury, Ontario)
  • CCR vision and mission are changed to reflect expanded mandate. The age of children served would be changed to 0-18 to better reflect the mandate of CCR funders


  • CCR becomes direct service provider for IBI in Kenora/Rainy River district
  • CCR is selected as the lead for the new Ontario Early Years Centre (OEYC) for the Sudbury Riding
  • CCR takes on Cybermoms program, later to be renamed Cyberparents
  • CCR transfers St. Albert’s childcare program to the Jubilee Heritage Family Resources


  • CCR becomes the central intake point for children with PDD/DH
  • CCR proposal for Regional IBI program is accepted and partnerships with Community Living Algoma, Children’s Centre Thunder Bay, and Integrated Services Northwest are set up. In keeping with regional services mandate (Sudbury east to Manitoba border) legal name change is made dropping Sudbury Manitoulin for the new Regional Autism Centre
  • Dr. Tom Managhan is appointed Clinical Director
  • CCR becomes the lead for delivery of Out-of-Home Respite Services in Sudbury/Manitoulin


  • Downloading of Child Care to municipal governments affect CCR funding and programs
  • CCR becomes founding member of new Children’s Cooperative and is now collocated with CAS and CFC
  • CCR and partners, Developmental Clinical Services and the Catholic School Board, establish a Section 19 Classroom for children with PDD/Autism

1996 – 1998

  • CCR receives French Language Services Designation Home Respite Services in Sudbury-Manitoulin
  • Many partnerships/protocols set up with other service providers
  • Jane Bauer becomes Board Chair, 97’
  • CCR assumes responsibility for case management for children with PDD/DH
  • Bev Baxter becomes Board Chair, 98’

1993 – 1995

  • First Annual General Meeting, Mary Lou Coffey Board Chair
  • Marie Desmarais-Santi becomes the Board Chair from 1995 to 1996, and leads Board to adopting Carver Governance model with its own Governance Policies
  • CCR grows and moves to 319 Lasalle Blvd
  • CCR opens a child care in St Albert’s Adult learning centre
  • Government funding cuts reduces CCR budget and CCR is forced to downsize


  • The organization is officially incorporated as Child Care Resources Sudbury/Manitoulin District / Ressources sur la garde d’enfants.
  • Agency sets up shop at 1130 Lorne St. with Toy Library on site, supports to childcare include Supervisor, Educator, Cook and Board Network