Research Advisory Committee

Child & Community Resources' Research Advisory Committee (RAC) has been established with the mandate to promote, sanction, monitor, and establish key themes for research activities at CCR. The scope of the RAC includes all research undertaken at CCR and/or in conjunction with CCR involving: individuals who are considered to be past, present, or future clients (and their families) of CCR; and employees of CCR who, in their role as providers of CCR service(s), are identified as potential participants for research projects. No research shall be conducted with CCR clients, their families or with CCR employees without the prior approval of the RAC.

The RAC requires that all researchers wishing to conduct research at CCR complete an Application to Conduct Research as well as a Declaration of Conflict of Interest Form. When deciding upon the suitability of a research partnership, the RAC considers foremost a proposal's scientific rigor, ethical standards, and alignment with our agency's mission, goals, values and key results areas. As well, the RAC has prioritized two strategic research directions for all external and internal research projects: evaluation of programs, services, and treatment / intervention; and practice-driven investigations which are meaningful, relevant and promote new understanding of, and / or direct implications for, CCR's clients / families, employees and services. 

To receive an Application to Conduct Research at CCR please contact Cristina Timony by email at or by calling 705-222-5000, extension 2583.