Brief Behavioural Consultations

Brief Behavioural Consultation

Brief Behavioural Consultation (BBC) is a series of three focused consultations with the mediator over seven weeks in the child’s natural environment (e.g. home, school, child care centre).

BBC increases the capacity of mediators to apply ABA-based methods to build skills in one of the four target areas or to decrease mildly problematic behaviours.

BBC supports the mediator by helping to:

  • define and measure an objective,
  • identify and carry out ABA methods such as those learned in the Parent Education Workshops,
  • troubleshoot, and evaluate success of the plan.

Observations and direct coaching of hands-on practice regarding implementation of ABA methods is provided as appropriate. The BBC focuses on identifying the function of behaviour and uses strategies such as positive reinforcement to teach replacement behaviours.

Brief Behavioural Consultation for School Support Program

The School Support Program uses a research-based model of Brief Behavioural Consultation (BBC). The goal of the BBC model is to increase the capacity of educators in applying Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and evidence-based strategies to meet the needs of children within the Autism Spectrum. It is intended to build on the strength of the team, offer accountability at all levels, and include measurable objectives. The success of the consultation relies on strong collaboration between teacher and consultant, and other team members where applicable, such as, parents, support staff, therapists, special education staff, and administration. The BBC model will allow the School Support Program to provide efficient and focused service. The consultation has three phases in which the consultant provides evidence-based strategies, support, and resources to the educational team within a seven week period.


Brief Behavioural Consultation (BBC) Service is available in the Sudbury, Manitoulin, Algoma, Thunder Bay and Kenora/Rainy River Districts

How to Get Stared

If interested in receiving services, please contact your local CCR office in order to provide you with further information around the referral process within your area.

Publicly funded school staff can refer directly to Child & Community Resources for a referral form for Brief Behavioural Consultation for a School Support Program.