Diagnostic & Assessment Services

The Autism Diagnostic Team (ADT) provides assessment of children aged 0-5 years, and 6-18 years, who are suspected to have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, in order to confirm or disconfirm the diagnosis. The assessment consists of intelligence testing, adaptive skills, as well as the severity/presence of autism symptoms.

This is a psychological service typically conducted by a Psychometrist under the supervision of a Clinical Psychologist. Community based Speech-Language Pathologists and Pediatricians collaborate as part of the team.


CCR provides Diagnostic and Assessment Services within the Sudbury District.

How to Get Started

 For all assessments, a referral from a professional (speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, clinician, etc.) or medical personnel (physician, paediatrician) is required along with supporting documentation.

If this service is not available in your area, contact your local Intake Agency to learn about similar services and supports in your district.