Early Learning and Child Care Services

Early Learning and Child Care Services (ELCC) assists and supports Leadership Teams of ELCC Programs to meet the needs of children and youth within the autism spectrum, and support their inclusion in the school environment.

Based on the needs of those involved with Early Learning and Child Care Programs, our professional team of community ABA consultants provides:

Early Learning & Child Care Leadership Teams

The Community ABA Lead works with the Leadership Teams of licensed Early Learning & Child Care Programs to establish yearly work plans, which include services, supports and referral information/documentation, goals/action plans, and professional development. CCR works with these leadership teams in an effort to support quality programs and to achieve successful integration.

Consultation Days

Providing Early Learning & Child Care Programs with pre-set consultation days with a focus on:

  • Developmental screening/Early Identification
  • Entry Planning and Wait list transition planning for new enrollments
  • Group/Child Specific consultation services
  • Community Support Worker preparation and planning as required

Brief Behavioural Consultations – ELCC

The Community ABA team uses a research-based model of brief behavioural consultations (BBC). The goal of the BBC model is to increase the capacity of educators in applying ABA and evidence-based strategies to meet the needs of children who are attending child care centers in order to provide efficient and focused services. It is intended to build on the strength of the team; offer accountability at all levels and includes measurable objectives.

The success of the consultation relies on strong collaboration between educator and consultant, and other team members where applicable, such as, parents, support staff, therapists and other specialized services

Professional Development

A range of workshops and trainings are available to Early Learning & Child Care Program staff that focus on:

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Inclusion – Increase awareness and enhance empathy of peers.
  • Special Needs

Transition to School

The CCR Community ABA Services Team assists childcare programs and parents/guardians with a child who has special needs transition from preschool services to the educational system. The intent of the team is to collaborate with school boards in the best interest of the child in order to provide an organized and planned entry.


Early Learning and Child Care Services are available within the city of Sudbury to those who are eligible.

How to Get Started

Contact CCR Sudbury
or your designated early Learning and Child Care program representative.

If this service is not available in your area, contact your local Intake Agency to learn about similar services and supports in your district.