Respite Services

Out of Home Respite (OHR) provides parents/caregivers of children with special needs short-term relief outside the family home. The service is based on a group model and is delivered in sessions throughout the year.

Trained staff provide respite care in a home-like setting, giving children the opportunity to participate in meaningful and enjoyable activities both on site and within the community.

Child & Community Resources also offers Center Base Respite that provides short-term overnight care in a residential setting.


Respite services are offered to the Sudbury/Manitoulin Districts only.

How to Get Started

To determine your eligibility for Out of Home Respite services please contact the Sudbury/Manitoulin Districts’ Intake Agency, Children’s Community Network (CCN), to complete an eligibility tool with a CCN Service Coordinator at 705.566.3416.

For more information about Out-of-Home Respite, please contact the Program Supervisor at CCR Sudbury at 705-525-4551.

If this service is not available in your area, contact your local Intake Agency to learn about similar services and supports in your district.