Specialized Services

CCR conducts specialized services in the districts of Kenora/Rainy River, Thunder Bay, and Sudbury/Manitoulin. The following specialized services are available to anyone under the age of 18 with ASD or a pervasive developmental disorder - not otherwise specified. Families are welcome to apply for services.

Behaviour Consultation

A behaviour consultation is requested in order to have a professional opinion about a client’s behavioural/mental health related issues. They provide timely recommendations to help the client with such issues, and to know what other types of assessments or services might be needed or helpful for the client (internally or externally).

Behaviour Assessment

A behaviour assessment is requested in order to have a professional opinion about the factors affecting a client’s behavioural/emotional problems.

The objectives of behaviour assessments are to provide a comprehensive formulation of the clinical problem that includes client needs, resources available, client strengths and weaknesses, and identification of causal factors related to the problem, to recommend courses of action, and to train mediators on the data collection and analysis necessary for ongoing monitoring of the client.

The assessment aims to:

  • define the behaviour
  • gather baseline data regarding frequency/intensity/duration of the behaviour
  • analyze contingencies (e.g. setting events, antecedents, consequences)
  • formulate a hypothesis as to the function of behaviour (i.e. sensory, escape, attention, tangible)
  • make recommendations and describe strategies to increase pro-social behaviour and decrease behaviour that is problematic

Behaviour Treatment

Behaviour Treatment, either mediated or direct, is likely to be initiated after a behaviour assessment.

A Behaviour Treatment plan will minimally include the following components:

  • an operational definition of the behaviour(s) and objectives,
  • description of the specific antecedent and possible consequence based procedures,
  • generalization and maintenance procedures,
  • steps and responsibilities of individuals involved,
  • measurable criteria for success,
  • and explain the monitoring and evaluation process.

Direct training in the ABA methods and procedures is provided.

Depending on the nature of the skills and behaviours targeted, the duration for implementation and evaluation can range between two to six months.


These services are available in Sudbury only.

Any person up to age 18, diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (Autism, Asperger Syndrome or Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified), or their families, can apply for services.

How to Get Started

A referral for specialized services must be completed by your local Intake Agency.