During this fun group format program, children will learn to self – manage emotional and behavioural responses using Applied Behaviour Analysis and The Zones of Regulation Curriculum in order to be able to continue to engage in learning activities, maintain social relationships and maintain their well – being.  

Objective: Students in this group will learn to identify:  

  • Emotions in themselves   
  • Emotional/behavioural responses to the environment  
  • Coping strategies to self-regulate their emotional/behavioural responses  
  • Problem solving related to emotional/behavioural responses  

The teaching will be done using evidence-based best practices for individuals with ASD.   

Being the Boss of My Emotions group program


April 19, 2022, Tuesday evenings from 5 – 6:30 for ages 6 – 10

October 4, 2022, Tuesday evenings from 4:30 – 6 for ages 4 – 6 

Service provided by: Creative Therapy Autism Centre