Are you a caregiver of a young child recently diagnosed with ASD? Do you have questions about ASD symptoms, or where to begin with planning services? Would you like to learn some easy ways to add ABA-based teaching into your child’s everyday routines? Or are you a caregiver of a pre-teen/teenager looking to address new skills and challenges that come with maturing?  

A Brief Behaviour Consultation is a flexible way for caregivers to connect with a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). A BCBA is a professional with extensive knowledge in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Many BCBA’s also have considerable experience working with individuals with ASD and their families.  

During this consultation we can discuss strategies related to a single skill acquisition or behaviour reduction goal you have for your child. Caregivers will leave the consult appointment with a specific, measurable goal, as well as a few strategies that can be implemented during family routines. 

Brief Behavioural Consultation


Please note that you only need to select one date. Selecting multiple dates will not result in additional rounds of service.

Service provided by: ABA Educator