This workshop and consultation series is recommended for families whose child has recently received an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis. After receiving news of a diagnosis, families will navigate through a lot of information to make important decisions about next steps. This series offers 3 workshops, along with 3, 1:1, 30-minute consultations with a BCBA-D. Workshop 1 will provide an overview of various services recommended to families with a child with ASD. Workshop 2 will provide an overview of Autism and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and why ABA is well suited to address ASD. If seeking ABA based services, this information is key for knowing what to look for in providers and how caregiver involvement is key to helping children reach their full potential. Workshop 3 will review things to do as you wait for service that will aid in developing skills and routines in the home to maximize learning from the get-go. The initial consultation is aimed at gathering information that will be pertinent to focusing the workshops on the audience attending, with follow up consultations occurring after Workshop 3 which will focus on implementing ABA strategies in the home with coaching from a BCBA-D.

Navigating a Diagnosis: What You Want to Know & What You Need to Know


Workshop Dates: Monday, February 6, February 13 & February 27, 2023 Time 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Consult 1 begins week of January 30 (to be scheduled with family)
Consult 2 begins week of February 20 (to be scheduled with family)
Consult 3 begins week of February 27 (to be scheduled with family)

Registering for February 6 will register you for all subsequent sessions

Service provided by: ABA Northern Services and Training Inc.