Based on the Circles® Curriculum, parents will join a virtual group session to learn about one strategy we can use to teach about different degrees of talk, touch, and trust associated with various people in their child’s life. This program fosters communication about social and relationship boundaries and helps parents develop a visual support to teach these concepts to their child.

In the weeks following the virtual group session, we will meet individually with each family (virtual or in person) up to 3 more times to support the development of their own individualized ‘Circles’ that can be used for reference within the home. We will discuss any successes or barriers to using this visual to explain these concepts to your child, and whether any ‘tweaking’ has to be made to make the visual more effective for you and your child.

It is recommended that your child not attend the virtual workshop; however, it may be appropriate for them to attend follow-up consultations with their parent and the facilitator.

Understanding Relationships with Circles®


Group 1: October 12th, 2022, with 2-3 individual follow-up consultations
Group 2: January 17th, 2023, with 2-3 individual follow-up consultations

Please note that you only need to select one date. Selecting multiple dates will not result in additional rounds of service.

Service provided by: Northern Outreach & Clinical Services