Parents of children with ASD will learn how to use visuals to support the learning and understanding of new concepts.  Parents will learn how visuals can fit into existing daily interactions and routines and how they can be phased out over time.  Parents will also learn how to use visuals to break big skills down into small steps, to make it easier to learn new concepts/skills. 

Includes a 30 minute group training, plus a one hour individualized follow-up coaching session for those interested. This session will need to be scheduled with the service provider following registration. 

Using Visuals to Teach!


April 4 – 6:30 CST 

July 4 – 6:30 CST 

Oct 3 – 6:30 CST 

Jan 9 – 6:30 CST 

Please note that you only need to select one date. Selecting multiple dates will not result in additional rounds of service.

Service provided by: FIREFLY