Children’s Friendship Training (THRIVE)

We're sorry, the session you are interested in is no longer available. We would be happy to reach out to you should we offer this session again and invite you to add your name to our waitlist.


Children’s Friendship Training is an evidence based interactive program delivered in module sessions in which children and families develop and practice social skills necessary to initiate and maintain meaningful peer relationships.

Through ten modules, children will learn to make phone calls, host play-dates, maintain play, share in the interests of others’, and respond appropriately to bullying/teasing. During these sessions, families will learn how to support their children in the exciting new world of social opportunities.


THRIVE Child Development Centre

Available Spaces

10 children along with 1 caregiver to attend parent portion

Who is Eligible

Service Area: Algoma

This service is intended for children aged 7-11 (2nd through 5th Grade)
-One adult is able to attend the weekly sessions with their child and to help them practice skills during the week.
-Children who can play simple board games and has a concept of winning and losing.
-Children who have had exposure to simple sports that are typically played at recess (Four Square, jump rope, soccer, etc.)
-Children who are able to maintain a shared focus in a conversation with another child.
-Behaviours can be controlled with reward and/or brief time away from the group.
-The child does not demonstrate any aggressive or offensive behavior.


1.5 hour session for 10 weeks (for both parent and child session)

Session dates

Group #1
1) September 21st, 2021 @5:15-6:45pm
2) September 28th, 2021 @5:15-6:45pm
3) October 5th, 2021 @5:15-6:45pm
4) October 12th, 2021 @5:15-6:45pm
5) October 19th, 2021 @5:15-6:45pm
6) October 26th, 2021 @5:15-6:45pm
7) November 2nd, 2021 @5:15-6:45pm
8) November 9th, 2021 @5:15-6:45pm
9) November 16th, 2021 @5:15-6:45pm
10) November 23rd, 2021 @5:15-6:45pm

Group #2
1) January 20th, 2022 @5:15-6:45pm
2) January 27th, 2022 @5:15-6:45pm
3) February 3rd, 2022 @5:15-6:45pm
4) February 10th, 2022 @5:15-6:45pm
5) February 17th, 2022 @5:15-6:45pm
6) February 24th, 2022 @5:15-6:45pm
7) March 3rd, 2022 @5:15-6:45pm
8) March 10th, 2022 @5:15-6:45pm
9) March 17th, 2022 @5:15-6:45pm
10) March 24th, 2022 @5:15-6:45pm