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TalkAbility Program

Participants will learn how your child carries on conversation and next steps to support back-and-forth conversations, how to encourage attending to non-verbal social messages, how to talk so they can tune in to what others are thinking, how to increase story-telling and play imaginatively, how to help them make friends


Help with
  • Caregiver Training
  • Communication
  • Early Learning
  • Language
  • Skill Building

THRIVE Child Development Centre

Available Spaces


Who is Eligible

parents and caregivers along with their child age 3-7 years old
-child with social communication difficulties
-child must be able to have a back-and-forth conversation for up to 3 turns (if unable to, please refer to More Than Words Program)
-families must have access to reliable internet and technology.


3-hour workshops

Session dates

Sept 29th 6-9pm (the other remaining sessions will be scheduled with family at first session on 29th)

This series is for 8 sessions in a group format for caregivers; followed by up to 4 individual sessions with child afterwards.