Fine Motor Workshop


This caregiver workshop is designed to give caregivers a better understanding of what fine motor skills are expected for their child, why fine motor skills are important, and simple tips for supporting fine motor skills at home. It includes a quick consultation phone call of up to 30 minutes to discuss how the strategies can be implemented and/or individualized.


  • Caregivers
Help with
  • Early Learning
  • Independence
  • Preschool
  • Skill Building

Bright Spot Therapy Services Ltd.

Available Spaces



1.5 hour workshop + up to 30min phone/email consult check-in

Session dates

September 19th at 10am English
October 20th at 6pm English
November 14th at 9am - French
December 6th at 6pm - English
January 25th at 10am
February 28th at 6pm French
March 8th at 10am English