The Balance program is designed for young children who engage in high levels of uncooperative behaviour and/or some disruptive behavior (e.g., tantrums), especially when they cannot have their way. This program aims to create balance between child-led and adult-led interactions and allows for some shared control over daily activities. Caregivers will work alongside a behaviour analyst to create opportunities for their child to communicate their needs, accept disappointment and build overall cooperation.

Balance: A Home-Based Program Addressing Emerging Problem Behaviour


Start dates:
Week of January 15th, 2024
Week of February 19th, 2024
(Times: varied)

Number of Sessions: Five 2-hour sessions or ten 1-hour sessions

Number of Spaces per Session:  1

Age Group: 3-8 Years

For any questions:
Kim Morris
(705) 222-6002

Service provided by: Behaviour Analysis North