PARC – Pediatric Autism Research Cohort

What is the PARC study?

We are a research team looking to gather information about newly-diagnosed children with autism and their families.  We are asking about child symptoms, skills, functioning and abilities, as well as about their family life.  Gathering this data early in life can help us understand developmental outcomes in children with ASD.

How the PARC study helps

The PARC study will gather data to help us examine the factors that influence diversity in how Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) unfolds over time.  Gathering and interpreting this data will not only improve our understanding of ASD, but can help to inform your child’s care. 

Why is this study important?

We have worked together with researchers, clinicians, and parents to decide which information would be the most important to collect and meaningful to research so that it will be useful and informative for families and service providers.


 Help us learn more about the ways children with ASD grow and develop

Who can take part?

We are recruiting families with newly diagnosed children with ASD:

  • Participants must be younger than 5 years old
  • Participants must have received a formal ASD diagnosis within the past 6 months

If your child received their diagnosis more than 6 months ago, there may be other research opportunities available to you.

What will my participation involve?

We will ask you to complete a set of online questionnaires (taking about 2-3 hours total) repeated every 6 months until study exit (age 6).  We provide a thank-you $20 gift card for your time.

You will also receive research summary reports after each timepoint in the study.  This will help you track how your child’s symptoms, skills, and abilities may be changing over time.

How will my family benefit?

The information collected will allow us to have a better understanding of the strengths and needs of each family, helping us inform service providers on the care children are receiving.  This will also help us gain a better understanding of supporting and caring for all children with ASD.

Will this affect my child’s care?

All participation in this project is voluntary.  Participants may choose to withdraw from the project at any time.  Withdrawing from the project will not negatively affect the services you and your family receive.

About the PARC study

A pilot study was conducted with the Autism Program at McMaster Children’s Hospital to develop a research protocol that allows families to participate in research with minimal burden on families and staff.

Child & Community Resources is participating in the PARC Study to provide opportunities for families to learn more about the strengths and needs of their child, to help inform care, and to contribute to a research study with broad implications.

This will let us create a large group of newly-diagnosed children with autism whose data can be analyzed to explore the way their symptoms and functioning may change as they grow.

McMaster Investigators:
Dr. Stelios Georgiades
Dr. Caroline Roncadin
Dr. Irene Drmic
Dr. Ronit Mesterman

Local Investigators:
Sherry Fournier
Kim Einarson
Trevor Bosse

Resource Directory

For questions, please contact:

Kim Einarson, Supervisor, Regional Services
1-877-996-1599 ext. 2608

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