We provide up to 3, one-hour sessions with a Behavior Clinician to directly support parents and caregivers to address a specific need/goal and the tools to support your child/youth’s skill development.

Prior to these consultations, one of our skilled Foundational Family Service Clinicians will conduct an initial call to
discuss your child’s current needs/skills and gather general information to help individualize these sessions.

*Please note that due to the complexity of some specific needs/ goals, the Foundational Family Service Clinicians may determine that a goal is not appropriate for targeted sessions as they may require a more comprehensive assessment to be completed (i.e., accessing a core clinical service).

Targeted Consultation topics could include, but are not limited to:
• Strategies for toilet training (e.g., assessing readiness, developing a toilet training plan)
• Early learner communication (e.g., using a choice board)
• Social skills (e.g., sharing with a sibling)
• Transition support (e.g., using a visual schedule)
• Self-advocacy skills (e.g., sharing pronouns, advocating for specialized services in the school system)

Brief Targeted Consultations for Caregivers


Start Dates and Times:
To be determined by clinician and caregiver
Group 1: August 6th, 2024
Group 2: January 13th, 2025

Number of Sessions:
Four total (including initial call)

Service provided by: Northern Outreach & Clinical Services