This is a brief targeted consultation and direct support to help address specific behaviours and support the child’s skill development. The service consists of an initial 2-hour consultation with the parent(s) and child to determine the specific problematic behaviours to address. The child then participates in 4, 1-on-1 sessions with the Behaviour Analyst. At the end of the 4 sessions, the parent(s) will participate in another 2-hour consultation to review the progress and retool/adjust the initial behaviour plan.

*Depending on the behaviours and presenting problems, a parent may need to be present during the 1-on-1 sessions with the child.

Circles Intimacy & Relationships (Level 1 Social Boundaries) Group for Children


Available from May 9, 2024
You only need to select May 9 in order to obtain 8 sessions of this service.

Start Date:  Session dates and times will be customized to the client’s needs and inkeeping with therapist availability.  For registration purposes, please choose a date from the calendar, but please note that administrative staff will contact individual registrants to schedule appointments directly.

Number of Sessions: 8, 1.5-hour sessions

Duration:8, 1.5-hour sessions (12 hours in total)

Spaces per session: 6 clients; closed group (i.e., same 6 clients attend all 8 sessions)

For any questions:
Dr. Matias Mariani
(705) 675-8925

Service provided by: Mariani and Associates