This workshop series is recommended for families with a child who has recently received an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis. After receiving news of a diagnosis, families will navigate through a lot of information to make important decisions about next steps. This series offers 3 workshops, along with 4, 1:1, 30-minute consultations with a BCBA-D. Workshop 1 will provide an overview of various services recommended to families with a child with ASD. Workshop 2 will provide an overview of Autism and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and why ABA is well suited to address ASD. Workshop 3 will focus on developing positive interactions as a foundation to teach a variety of different skills in these early stages. 4, 30-minute, 1:1 consultations will follow Workshop 3, where families will identify a goal and will work with the BCBA-D to develop this skill. 1:1 consultations are for caregivers and child to attend. Workshops are delivered virtually and consultations can be virtual or in person, based on preference and availability.

New to Autism: Learning about Autism & Ways to Build Positive Interactions


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