These individual consultations are designed to allow for caregivers the opportunity to discuss 1-2 concerns they have about their child’s speech and language development. Families will meet with a registered Speech-Language Pathologist for a 1:1 consultation, which will last 45-50 minutes and be offered in-person or virtually. During the session, strategies and goals will be shared with the caregivers to ensure that they have the knowledge and confidence required to allow them to help their child become a more effective communicator. Topics discussed would be beneficial for children who are not yet using verbal words to communicate, use a limited number of words, communicate with a communication device (i.e. PECS, Proloquo, SnapCore), struggle to produce speech sounds, communicate using incomplete sentences, or have difficulties with social communication and interaction with peers. No matter what the need is, we can help!

At initial contact with the family, discussion about whether the child should be present for a part of the session will take place, should it allow for better caregiver coaching. At the end of each session, families will be provided with strategies and tips that will be helpful to their unique situation, which can be implemented with the child within their daily routines at home!

Speech and Language Individual Consultations


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