Triple P - Stepping Stones is a parent education course that is ideal for caregiver’s with children aged 2-12.   

Course Content: 

  • Session 1: Positive parenting  

This session provides parents with an introduction to positive parenting, causes of challenging behaviour, setting goals for change, and how to keep track of children’s behaviour.  

  • Session 2: Promoting children’s development  

During this session, the practitioner discusses how to develop positive relationships with children and how to encourage desirable behaviour.  

  • Session 3: Teaching new skills and behaviours  

This session teaches parents a range of techniques to teach their children a range of skills within the domains of communication, problem-solving, self-care, and self-regulation.  

  • Session 4: Managing misbehavior and parenting routines  

During this session, the practitioner offers strategies to assist parents with managing challenging behaviour. Parents will also learn to develop parenting routines to encourage children to follow instructions.  

  • Session 5: Planning ahead  

This session covers family survival tips, identifying high-risk situations, and developing planning ahead routines to implement over the next few weeks. Parents also schedule and prepare for the telephone or in-person consultations. 

  • Session 6-8: Implementing parenting routines 1-3 (Phone or in-person consultations) 

The sessions begin with the practitioner providing assessment feedback to parents and noting progress that has been made. Then the sessions are designed to assist parents in implementing behaviour change strategies in high-risk home and community situations (e.g. traveling on public transport, haircuts, therapy sessions). The practitioner uses the self-regulatory feedback model to help parents identify goals for change and a problem-solving approach is used to assist parents to fine-tune any areas of difficulty.  

  • Session 9: Program close  

Parents return for a final group session to review progress, look at ways to maintain changes, problem solve for the future, and to bring closure to the program. 


(Must attend all 9 sessions)  

January 21st @1-3pm
January 28th @1-3pm
February 4th @1-3pm
February 11th @1-3pm
February 18th @1-3pm

3 sessions are booked as individual consults
Final Group Session Friday, March 18th @ 1-3pm

Triple P – Stepping Stones


Triple P – Stepping Stones is a parent education course that is ideal for caregiver’s with children aged 2-12.  

Service provided by: George Jeffrey Children's Centre