Flourish Behavioural Health and Education Inc.

Agency Description

Flourish Behavioural Health and Education (FBHE) is committed to providing high-quality Applied Behaviour Analysis services in the Sudbury area. We specialize in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Relational Frame Theory (RFT) programming, offering programming to support advanced language and cognitive abilities, emotion regulation, and behavioural/psychological flexibility. Our goal is to help individuals and families flourish by providing individualized, effective, and compassionate care.

Therapist Descriptions


Alison Fera, MPEd, BCBA

Alison Fera is the founder of Flourish Behavioural Health and Education Inc., where she specializes in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Relational Frame Theory (RFT) programming. With extensive training and ongoing coaching from notable experts like Dr. Siri Ming and Dr. Tom Szabo, Alison stays at the forefront of behavioral therapy. She actively participates in Dr. Szabo’s research and practice lab, applying ACT functional analysis to enhance therapeutic outcomes in ABA.
She is also level 2 certified in Dr. Greg Hanley’s Practical Functional Assessment and Skill Based Treatment. Alison is passionate about effective, evidence-based, compassionate care, and uses a neurodiversity-affirming and assent-based approach to ABA treatment.

Jeannette Tessier, RBT, Senior Therapist

Jeannette Tessier is a Senior Therapist at Flourish Behavioural Health and Education. She is a Registered Early Childhood Educator, Registered Behaviour Technician, and has completed a postgraduate diploma in Autism and Behavioural Sciences, and is working towards obtaining board certification in ABA. With several years of experience in the field of ABA, Jeannette truly loves her work. At Flourish, she appreciates the caring, safe, and compassionate environment provided for clients.

Mackenzie Morton, MA, ABA Therapist

Mackenzie (or “Mack” as known by her family, friends, colleagues and clients) is a psychology and sociology graduate from The King’s University and a recent master’s student at the University of Waterloo with the goal to pursue board certification in the field of behavioural analysis.
She is passionate about working in social services, using her background in recreation and leisure as an avenue for promoting hope and living well and continuously educating herself on ways to support and provide compassionate care in every space she is in. When she is not studying, working or volunteering, she loves being outdoors with family and friends!

Andrée Lavoie, BA, ABA Therapist

Andrée Lavoie, an ABA Therapist, earned her undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology from Laurentian University. Passionate about crafting, Andrée is thrilled to co-facilitate ABA and Art groups. She brings extensive experience in supporting young children through art activities, enriching their developmental journey with creativity and care.