Northern Outreach & Clinical Services

Agency Description

Our agency specializes in behavioural assessment and treatment of challenging behaviours for individuals with developmental disabilities and multiple or complex needs. Clinical supervision from a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst is a key component within our team for delivering quality ABA services. We believe our staff to be elite in providing a diverse range of direct ABA services to individuals, based on best practices.

We endeavor to work with the individual and their family to develop innovative individualized programs based on preferences, needs, choice, and autonomy.




Therapist Descriptions


Rachel Barber, M.A., BCBA

Rachel became interested in autism spectrum disorders when she met her dear friend (with ASD) in grade 3. Still friends to this day, she has learned the value autistic people bring to this world and has devoted her career to supporting individuals and families with autism in reaching their potential. She believes in the neurodiversity movement and works to empower autistic children and youth to become happy, productive, and self-determined autistic adults.

Rachel completed her Bachelors in Health Sciences at the University of Waterloo and achieved her Masters with a speciality in Applied Behaviour Analysis through Brock University. She became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst in 2013, and has had the privilege of practicing and supervising behaviour analysis across Northern Ontario while employed at Hands: The Family Help Network and Child and Community Resources. She is the co- founder of Northern Outreach and Clinical Services (NOCS), established in response to the growing need for innovative solutions required by youth and adults with complex needs in Northern Ontario.

 Natasha Morin RECE, ABS

Throughout Natasha’s 10 years in the Early Childhood Sector as a Registered Early Childhood Educator, she has demonstrated a strong ability to connect with children with diverse needs. Natasha worked her way up in the childcare setting, earning the opportunity to be a Supervisor of the childcare site.  Natasha has assisted many families in caring for their children, and has participated in numerous school transitions with positive outcomes.  She has also had extensive experience working with behavioural clinicians to implement early intervention strategies in childcare settings.  While working in the childcare sector, she encountered many children without resources and without diagnoses, which pushed her to obtain education in Autism and Behavior Science to better help the children in her care. Natasha is currently working at Northern Outreach and Clinical Services as an ABA Therapist and is working to complete her Registered Behaviour Technician certification.

Damya Duesling, BA

Damya became passionate about autism spectrum disorders when her close family member was diagnosed over 10 years ago. Since then, embracing and learning about autism and other diagnoses has paved her career path. Her main goal and past experience has been to support those with complex needs, specializing in those in conflict with the law. Damya strongly believes in the power of perspective to create a comprehensive therapeutic environment.

Damya has graduated from the University of Guelph, completing her Bachelors in Psychology, and minoring in Criminal Justice.  Currently, Damya is working towards completing her RBT training certification to better provide support to her learners.  She is applying her knowledge as an ABA Therapist with Northern Outreach and Clinical Services.

Sarah Cunningham, BA

Sarah has 6 years of experience working with both adults and children with a wide range of intellectual, mental and physical disabilities. She has worked with both verbal and non-verbal individuals in a variety of different settings. Sarah graduated from Laurentian University with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Health and Disability. She is currently pursuing her Registered Behavioral Technician Certification and later plans on completing her BCaBA to further her credentials. Sarah’s passion is teaching self-help and foundational skills to bring about meaningful growth and change to each individual within their daily lives.

Hollie Chapman, M.ADS, BCBA

Hollie has been interested in teaching from an early age. She completed her Bachelor of Education at Laurentian University in 2014 but felt that she could not provide all learners with the support required to reach their full potential. She continued her education and achieved her Master of Disability Studies with a specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis through Brock University and became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst in 2019. Her work experience
involves working in numerous settings with a variety of learners, which includes experience in a specialized school program for individuals with autism spectrum disorder in Toronto. She is passionate about improving the quality of llife for all learners and caregivers that she works with.

Michelle O’Connor

Michelle has been a strong advocate in the adult developmental sector for 7 years. She strives to, as part of the team at NOCS, continue providing person directed care to those of all ages with a specific interest and skill set for those with challenging behaviours. Michelle believes in creating a learning atmosphere that is person-centered and where there is access to treatment without boundaries. Michelle is currently working as an ABA Therapist and pursuing her Registered Behaviour Technician Certification with plans of completing the BCaBA credential.