Agency Description

FIREFLY is a multi-service, non-profit organization providing a wide range of services for children, youth, and families in communities across Northwestern Ontario. We are dedicated to supporting and strengthening the health and well-being of families, children, and youth through emotional, physical, developmental, and community services.

Therapist Descriptions


Caitlin Freeman, BCBA

Caitlin is a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst located in Dryden, Ontario and Senior Clinician to FIREFLY’s Behaviour Intervention team. Catilin supports a variety of programs offered by FIREFLY including Fee for Service Behaviour Intervention, Entry to School, Caregiver Mediated Early Years program, and School Support Program. Caitlin is a skilled educator and client-centred clinician.

Christine Smith, RECE / RT

Christine Smith is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and a certified Resource Teacher with certification in Autism Behavioural Sciences. She is an ABA Therapist and Infant and Child Development Consultant at FIREFLY and is passionate about early intervention.

Speech-Language Pathologist, TBA

FIREFLY employs Speech-Language Pathologists skilled in Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC), Speech & Language development techniques, and autism specific intervention strategies that fully support and celebrate neurodiverse children and youth and their caregivers.

Occupational Therapist, TBA

FIREFLY employs Occupational Therapists skilled in fine motor abilities, sensory integration, sensory processing, sleep, selective eating and emotional regulation among other areas of expertise. Clinicians focus on supporting individuals to be independent in all activities of their daily living by supporting skill development and adapting one’s environment to support needs and preferences.