Agency Description

FIREFLY is a multi-service, non-profit organization providing a wide range of services for children, youth, and families in communities across Northwestern Ontario. We are dedicated to supporting and strengthening the health and well-being of families, children, and youth through emotional, physical, developmental, and community services.

Therapist Descriptions


Meghan Philips / ASD Support Worker

Meghan is the Autism Support Worker at FIREFLY. She is an Autism Parent. Meghan has completed the Autism and Behavioural Sciences Certificate Program with honours, has received her Developmental Services Worker Diploma, and has completed a Liberal Arts and Sciences Certificate. She provides autism events and activities throughout the region, runs Ontario Autism Program (OAP ) Information sessions, and offers community-based information sessions on autism. Meghan also assists autism families with completing pre-screening for the ASD Diagnostic Hub, with completing funding applications and assisting families with referrals to appropriate programs. Meghan also runs a Virtual ASD parent support group, as well as a virtual ASD Youth Group. Meghan is passionate about autism acceptance and bringing services and supports to the autism community.