THRIVE Child Development Centre

Agency Description

THRIVE Child Development Centre/Centre de développement de I’enfant helps children and youth with diverse abilities to achieve their highest potential. One of twenty-one children’s treatment centers across Ontario, we support children & youth from 0-18 years of age who are impacted by differences in physical, perceptual, communication and/or developmental trajectories.







Therapist Descriptions


Maxine Orr, OT Reg (Ont)

Let’s Get Organized: This group intervention will be led by Maxine Orr, OT Reg (Ont); who is a registered Occupational Therapist with 14 years’ experience working with children.

Hillary Landry, Reg SLP,
Amelie Bullock-Roberts, Reg SLP,
Justine Slewidge OT Reg (Ont)

Feeding Education Series: Facilitators are Registered Speech and Language Pathologists and Registered Occupational Therapists