Building social skills to achieve healthy socio-sexuality


Learning social behaviour begins quite early in life. As we navigate this social world, we develop appropriate skills to the context of situations for healthy sexuality. For parents and children with ASD, this social world can become frightening. This interactive webinar will support families in developing useful social repertoires amongst their peers and the world around them. Kids should learn these skills as soon as possible to protect them from being vulnerable to certain situations. These tools will be shared with parents and individual consultations will target one appropriate social skill to maintain healthy boundaries.


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S. Grenier Consulting

Available Spaces

No limit for webinar, 10 spaces available for consultations

Who is Eligible

For children and teens of ages between 5 to 18. This service is not intended for severe sexual behaviours, which should be referred to a BCBA.

** Webinar will be in English, however, consultations are available en français


2 hour webinar, 3 follow up consultations per participant

Session dates

November 18, 2023 - February 27, 2024