Families in the North should choose who, where and when service is delivered and have access to the talented professionals they need.

Over the last 18 months Child & Community Resources has lost over 90 talented professionals and many have left the field altogether. The lack of talented professionals in the North adds to the stress that families are experiencing. Childhood budgets are slow to come; when they do arrive, funds are minimal but even more disheartening is most families have no one to purchase service from.

Throughout these difficult times we have been working with parents and professionals to begin rebuilding a system of services and supports designed by those working and living in Northern Ontario.

Throughout 2019, Child & Community Resources  advocated and submitted many proposals to government requesting funding to support families (in addition to the childhood budgets) and invest in retaining the current talent while beginning the work of rebuilding capacity.  Specifically, Child & Community Resources  made it clear that infusing funding into a hollow system without a long-term strategy is not effective or responsible.

We are pleased to announce that recently we received official confirmation that our proposal to launch a Capacity Building Hub through Child & Community Resources  was approved for the remainder of this fiscal year (February – March 2020).

Child & Community Resources’ Capacity Building Hub
Immediately following receipt of the approval for a Child & Community Resources Capacity Building Hub we reached out to local, regional and provincial providers and within 24 hours over 20 individuals and agencies responded and a Northern Collaborative of service providers began to form. The support was overwhelming and it is clear many are ready to do what they can for all families living in Northern Ontario.

Providers who have expressed an interest in participating as part of the Northern Collaborative have been contracted by Child & Community Resources  to provide services which may include one or more of the following:

  • Training for parents/caregivers and extended family/support network;
  • Parent mentoring, coaching;
  • Clinics – opportunity for families to meet with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for consultation and support;
  • Recruitment, training and deployment of professionals (therapists, respite, mentors, coaches, etc.);
  • Support in matching family with skilled therapists;
  • Coaching, mentoring, clinical supervision for therapists;
  • Training clinics for professionals offering a number of topics to increase capacity throughout the system;
  • Youth Mentoring/Coaching Programs;
  • Group Opportunities for parents/caregivers, children, and youth;
  • Job coaching and connection to local community to establish employment opportunities for youth; and more.

In addition to all the providers who have already shown interest in participating in the Northern Collaborative, Child & Community Resources  will work with colleges, universities and experts now and in the years to come to expand the field as much as possible.

The introduction by Child & Community Resources  of the Capacity Building Hub will increase service, provide choice for families, offer training to families and professionals, retain existing and recruit new professionals while waiting for the outcome of the Implementation Working Group.

*Please visit our website for a list of services for families including information on how to register for these services. These services will be free of charge to families and available on a first come first served basis during February and March of 2020 only. Priority will be given to families that are not currently in service. These free services can be accessed in conjunction with other services that you may purchase with your childhood budgets.

Child & Community Resources  will continue to advocate with the Ministry for continued funding beyond March 2020 so that we can confidently continue to build the service capacity in the North that our families need both today and in the future.

Thank you to all partners. Not everyone could meet the impossible timelines but we will continue to expand the collaborative and work with all involved to provide services right up to March 31, 2020 and beyond if funding allows.

Please find below a list of partners and their thoughts about the Northen Collaborative.

Behavior Analysis North (www.behaviouranalysisnorth.com)
Child & Community Resources (www.ccrconnect.ca)
Creative Therapy Associates (www.creativetherapyautismcentre.ca)
Firefly (www.fireflynw.ca)
George Jeffrey Children’s Centre (www.georgejeffrey.com)
Kerry Maisels Behavior Consulting Inc. (www.kerrymaisels.com)
Launch Behavioural Health (www.launchbehaviouralhealth.ca)
McMaster Children’s Hospital Autism Program (www.hamiltonhealthsciences.ca)
Positive Connections (www.positiveconnections.ca)
Roots and Wings (www.rootsandwingspsychology.ca)

Surrey Place (www.surreyplace.ca)
Sylvie Grenier Consulting (www.sgrenierconsulting.com)
THRIVE Child Develppment Centre (www.kidsthrive.ca)
Ignite Behavior Consulting (www.ignitepositivebehaviour.ca)
Kelly Alves
ABA Northern Services and Training

‘It is with great enthusiasm that S.Grenier Consulting will actively participate in the Northern Collaborative as a collective partnership with Child & Community Resources and other Service Providers. I look forward to providing much needed ABA bilingual services to parents and professionals across the North to build capacity, create learning environments for families and support children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

Sylvie Grenier, BCaBA

‘Creative Therapy Autism Centre is excited to be partnering  with our community agencies, under the umbrella of CCR, the regional provider,  in the beginnings of the Northern Collaborative. Together, through these partnerships we hope to build capacity of evidenced based ASD services for the families in the North in a model that works for our region.   Creative Therapy Autism Centre is looking forward to providing multidisciplinary OT, SLP and Behavioral services in northwestern Ontario.”

Liz Hathazi, SLP, Director, Creative Therapy Associates
Melanie Maunula, Director, Creative Therapy Associates

“For over 15 years, we have worked hard in the North to enhance capacity and support individuals with developmental disabilities. When Child & Community Resources reached out for assistance to rebuild a system of services for those in northern Ontario, we knew we wanted to contribute. We are looking forward to implementing this new initiative aimed at filling gaps and supplementing clinical and community needs for those living in the North.”

Terri Hewitt, Interim CEO, Surrey Place.

“Having worked with Child & Community Resources since 2018 I have seen what impeccable work, dedication and drive can do for children and youth in the North. I have also seen the challenges they have faced and continue to face in the wake of an uncertain funding model. I am thrilled to be able to be a part of the Northern Collaborative in an effort to rebuild capacity and give the families and children who have waited so patiently the services they so deserve!”

Kerry Maisels, Behaviour Consulting Inc.

“Roots and Wings Psychology is confident that the Northern Collaborative is the bridge that families and providers need to rebuild capacity for autism services.  As longstanding providers of autism diagnostic, early intervention, behavioural and mental health services in Ontario’s North, we are proud to be a part of this new collaboration.”

Roots and Wings Psychology, Dr. Terri Barriault, Jennifer Bernier, Jennifer Falcioni.

With respect and gratitude,

Sherry Fournier

Executive Director

Child & Community Resources