On behalf of the Board of Directors of CCR and our team, we are pleased that the Autism Report by the Provincial Advisory Panel recognizes the needs of families in the North.

We appreciate the respect and attention that the Report pays to our francophone population, First Nations, rural families and those living in remote areas.

Furthermore, the importance of choice is acknowledged in the Report and the commitment to early intervention, mental health and urgent response services is welcomed.

We also welcome recommendations to improve services across ministries and having northern representation on the implementation committee.

While the Report acknowledges that capacity building is required, we anxiously await Minister Smith’s response to the recommendations as capacity will continue to decrease in the absence of a confirmed direction.

This Report is an important first step, but confirmation on what recommendations will be implemented is essential.

CCR looks forward to working with our families, community partners and MCCSS to support a smooth transition towards our shared commitment to providing quality services to families and keeping talent in the North.

With respect and gratitude,

Sherry Fournier
Executive Director
Child & Community Resources