Thank you, Minister Smith, for spending some time with us to learn about the highlights of our work, the challenges we face and our hopes for the future. We appreciate the funding to-date and look forward to continuing this important work to ensure families in the North will have access to qualified professionals when the new OAP begins.

We are pleased to share a summary of the key discussion points as we continue this important work together:

  • OAP will fail in the North without a thoughtful, long-term capacity-building strategy.
  • There is a long history in the North, of funding services based on our sparse population, and when this formula is applied our families always lose.
  • We would like to continue to build on the foundation we have established and that MCCSS funded this past fiscal year.
  • Our providers require certainty and without it, they will not be available when the new OAP program begins.
  • Families are desperate for service, specifically core services, and they need to have confidence that they will have access to qualified professionals.
  • Travel support for both parents and providers must be made available.
  • We have formed the Northern Collaborative guided by 4 Advisory committees whose members are very attuned to the needs of families and providers throughout the regions.
  • Each committee has its own individual priorities as each region has unique characteristics and needs.
  • We have set the foundation; we have done the work and are keeping track of what is needed to maintain and build back the capacity we have lost in the North.
  • Meaningful investment in capacity building is required – the future of our children, providers and system, depends on it.

For more information about the Capacity Building Advisory Committees and to view videos by the Chairs please visit our website:

A copy of the full Background and Overview report along and Committee work is available for your review.