The Northern Capacity Building Advisory Committees have come together to develop strategies to build professional capacity, with special attention dedicated to rural and remote communities, bilingual and culturally inclusive services. This is not a fix but our best response to the current environment until the new Ontario Autism Program is announced.

Work is well underway, and all committees are on track to meet the ambitious deadline of implementing strategies in September. Some strategies will address regional projects while most of the focus will be on addressing the unique needs of each district.

Each committee has access to $150,000 in Provincial funding to support this work along with an additional $100,000 dedicated to regional projects.

On behalf of CCR and the children, youth, and families in the North Region we extend our gratitude to the committee members for dedicating their time and commitment to this important work.

The committees began their meetings in June and will continue to meet until March 31, 2021. If you are interested in learning more about the Northern Capacity Building Advisory Committees and our work we invite you to view the committees minutes and supporting documents on our website

We look forward to sharing the strategies in September followed by progress updates until the project is complete.

Although this initiative is short term it is an opportunity to sustain, and where possible, increase professional capacity throughout the region.

We are counting on Minister Todd Smith to share the plan for the new Ontario Autism Program as soon as possible so we can ensure that this investment of time and resources does not go to waste, and families in the North have access to the quality service they deserve.

Northern Capacity Building Advisory Committee Members – Thank you for all you do!