On April 12, 2019, the CCR Board of Directors reached out to MCCSS to offer our support in the selection of participants for the Advisory Panel. The letter stressed the importance of accessing parents, professionals and skilled Board Members that work and live in the North in order to provide a true reflection of the issues.

Our geography and population create unique challenges that require thoughtful consideration and creativity. The total size of our region is 618,545 square kilometers.

As a comparison:

  • It is larger than all four Atlantic provinces combined
  • It is almost the size of the entire province of Manitoba
  • It represents 57% of the entire geography of Ontario

With 57% of the geography of the province in our region, we were hopeful that the government would take advantage of our collective wisdom, ideally forming a task force to ensure that families have access to quality service and professionals across the North.

CCR did not receive a response from MCCSS and we are disappointed that parents and other professionals were not included in this important work. To learn that the Advisory Panel will have only one representative from the North and to the best of our knowledge, no representation from families in the North demonstrates a lack of interest in understanding the unique issues facing families in our region.

Families in the North have been expressing their serious concerns about the new program for months. If the Advisory Panel wishes to meet with families, professionals and our Board Members to inform the process CCR will be happy to coordinate and host. We are committed to serving our families and keeping talent in the North.

Sherry Fournier
Executive Director
Child & Community Resources