It has been a difficult few weeks as we have begun to transform our organizational structure and business model to prepare for the changes to the Ontario Autism Program.

CCR continues to employ 66 full time multi-disciplinary team members throughout the North Region. The teams include therapists, clinical supervisors (BCBAs), and family service coordinators. These skilled professionals are currently working directly with 200 children and will continue to do so until all service plans are complete.

As we continue to deliver quality service to our families currently in service we are also preparing to offer fee for service. We plan to post our service menu along with fees within the next few days.

CCR is to working with MCCSS to sort out the next steps for the upcoming months and to share any concerns. At this time we do not anticipate any further changes to our structure for OAP services. As we move through this transition year, CCR’s staffing model will be based on the service and supports that families choose to purchase.

Thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

Sherry Fournier
Executive Director
Child & Community Resources