While we await the recommendations from the Provincial Advisory Committee on changes to Ontario Autism Program (OAP), a number of our colleagues have had to make the difficult decision to secure employment elsewhere. As the overall staff team decreases we have been forced to reduce our leadership and infrastructure to align with our current reality resulting in some families now receiving reduced hours. Furthermore, we are unable to offer fee for service options as we do not have enough qualified staff to do so.

Since the initial changes to OAP were announced last year by the provincial government, CCR has transformed from a large multidisciplinary organization to a shell of our previous capacity. Although this is extremely challenging we remain steadfast in our original goals to ensure that our families have access to quality service in their community and that we retain the talent in the North. We are actively engaging with community partners (public and private) throughout the region to ensure we achieve these goals. We look forward to sharing additional information with you as these unique and innovative approaches are finalized.

We have also been busy meeting with community partners to address the impact of the changes to OAP. In the past, the CCR team was eager and well positioned to support our partners in creating meaningful and integrated response to service. Changes to the OAP have eliminated the ability to develop a wraparound approach and unfortunately, in the future, if families choose to access this type of service they will be required to utilize a portion of their funds to do so.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and remaining staff team, we want to extend our sincere gratitude to our families for your tireless advocacy. Thank you for reaching out and continuing the dialogue as you continue to inform the evolution of Child & Community Resources (CCR) and the service system. We would also like to acknowledge our partners in the public and private system. Thank you for leaning into the transformation with us and for expressing your commitment to our common goals of ensuring families have access to quality service in their community and to retain talent in the North.

Sherry Fournier
Executive Director
Child & Community Resources