Recently the Ford government underwent a cabinet shuffle. We would like to welcome our new Minister Todd Smith and trust that he will take the time to engage and collaborate with us.

Since April 1, 2019, CCR has been working to redefine our organizational structure and business model to align with the new Ontario Autism Program. Our purpose has been clear; to focus on taking care of our families and do whatever we can to retain talent in the North whether they work for CCR or not.

With the support of parents, professionals and politicians, the message to government has also been clear; that this change is not positive especially for families seeking bilingual services or living in rural and isolated communities.

Families have expressed that the new OAP must include choice, access to qualified professionals and funding based on need. CCR supports these expectations and we also have learned experience and a true understanding of the challenges associated with achieving these outcomes across a vast geography and small population.

We have requested that the provincially appointed Advisory Committee has the opportunity to seek the expertise of families and professionals living and working in Northern Ontario. It is essential that your voices are heard in this process and that families in the North can continue to access quality services.


Sherry Fournier
Executive Director
Child & Community Resources